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Steady & David Kim Basic Income Trial

The David Kim campaign is partnering with Steady to select and provide a basic income to 25 families in CA-34 for three months.


COVID-19 has shown us how crucial a stable source of income can be. Universal Basic Income would provide us a permanent defense against rising income inequality and its consequences. Our people deserve an economic floor they can stand on.

What is Steady?

Steady is the income advisor of the future that helps more than 2.1 million members find additional sources of income. By the end of October, Steady will have given away $3.3M in cash grants between $100 and $1,000. The average grant awarded to its Members is $840.


David Kim has worked hand-in-hand with Steady in selecting 25 constituents to provide cash relief for three months so that they can support their families, pay their bills, and live comfortably without worrying about their next paycheck.

Testimonials from Steady Recipients:

Testimonials from Steady's Universal Basic Income recipients

Why basic income for CA-34?

CA-34 is one of the poorest districts in the nation.

Average household income is $33,000.

62% of Angelenos are rent-burdened, spending more than 30% of income on rent.

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People all over our community have to work multiple jobs just to meet their basic needs. We all deserve a chance to enjoy life and chase goals. UBI would free our neighbors from clinging onto survival, and allow them to — finally — build towards a better future.