Our democracy is in crisis. Thanks to corporate PACs and ruthless redistricting, the voice of the individual citizen has never meant less. No wonder our government doesn’t reflect our needs. When a voter in Wyoming has more impact than three from California, that is not “All are created equal.” That is a call for change. 

Our Goals

  • Demand a democracy based on equal representation.
  • Eliminate the influence of corporate donors and special interests on election outcomes.
  • Enact redistricting reform. Eliminate partisan gerrymandering. 
  • Protect and promote local journalism, encouraging an informed electorate. 
  • Hold elected officials accountable to the citizens they serve. 


First off, there’s the major reason: when a Presidential candidate receives the most votes but doesn’t win the election, that is a clear signal our system needs fixing. We need more proportionally representative voting in our country, and that means improving upon our current system as well as eliminating partisan gerrymandering. Right now we have a system that works for some, when we know it is possible to have a system that works for all1


Right now, big donors (those who donate over $200) account for 71% of campaign contributions2, despite being only 1% of the population. No one should have 70 times the influence over a candidate. Studies have shown that political donations actively affect senators’ voting records3. When some of the biggest campaign donations come from weapons makers, fossil fuel and healthcare companies, that is a major problem. 

How We Plan to Do It

Campaign Finance Reform: 

  • Support the DISCLOSE act, requiring more transparency in the political fundraising process, until it is passed.
  • Overturn Citizens United vs. FEC, which allows unlimited political spending by corporations, via legislation or constitutional amendment. 


Voting Reform: 

  • Make Election Day a federally recognized national holiday.
  • Enact a federal Democracy Dollars program similar to those that have seen success on the city level, leading to better representation of low-income residents via campaign contributions4
  • Push to implement Ranked Choice voting, which has been used successfully in other countries5, over our current “all or nothing” system. 
  • Push Congress to endorse the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, which would effectively replace the electoral college with a national popular vote.


Journalism for the Information Age:

  • Establish a pilot program6 for federally subsidized local online journalism, to fill the gap created by the death of local newspapers. 
  • Investigate federal guidelines for fact-based claims in social media. 


Holding Elected Officials Accountable: 

  • Introduce a Representative Accountability bill requiring elected officials to co-govern with constituents in their district, by means of monthly town halls where they provide a summary of upcoming votes for feedback and discussion, giving the people a direct channel to their representation. 
  • See more in our “Floor to Stand on” platform.