Recently, I had the great pleasure of appearing as a special guest on the Moving Forward Podcast and announcing my Congressional run and candidacy for the House of Representatives seat in California's 34th Congressional District, here in Los Angeles, CA.

The co-hosts, Corey Cottrell & Rio Veradonir, were amazing to talk with as they let me share my views on the current state of our country, where it's going and what we need to do to help steer our country back into the right direction. While talking about how I first came to learn about Universal Basic Income, Andrew Yang, and the Freedom Dividend, I also got to talk about how I threw in my hat and decided to run for Congress. 

Be sure to check out the podcast and take a listen! Click the Podcast link below:


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David Kim 2020 for Congress, California's 34th Congressional District - Los Angeles, California 

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