It’s shocking that still only 70% of American adults believe in climate change1. We don’t have time to reach 100% before taking action. If we don’t want to suffer from eroded coastlines, routine extreme weather events, and brutal, crippling heat, we need dramatic solutions. This is not a moment to solve in increments. We need our federal government’s full power if we’re to survive the damage we’ve wrought. 


Our Goals

  • Enact the Green New Deal, creating jobs and infrastructure for a cleaner future. 
  • Rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement. 
  • Fight for clean air and water as a human right. 
  • Net zero carbon emissions by 2050.
  • Support innovative solutions to climate change.
  • Protect our people from the impact of climate change. 
  • Enact stopgap legislation that curbs current harmful practices, from oil drilling to irresponsible product packaging.



The Los Angeles metro area has the worst air quality in the country2, and California is known across the country as home to yearly devastating wildfires. Extreme weather-related economic losses are projected to cost the economy billions3, and heat-related deaths are projected to rise beyond tens of thousands–disproportionately affecting low-income, BIPOC, immigrant and elderly communities4. The federal government is already spending more than $15 billion to force communities out of their homes as a “managed retreat” from flooding and natural disasters5


In order to meet our current 2050 climate commitments, the United States must reduce its annual greenhouse emissions by 77%6. While this will be an expensive proposition, the only thing more costly is doing nothing: over the last three years, the cost of direct damages from large scale weather and climate disasters has averaged over $150 billion7. By investing in job creation that reduces our environmental impact, we will not only be averting economic disaster, we will be creating sustainable economic growth. 


How We Plan to Do It


Commit Nationally and Globally:

  • Sign the Green New Deal into law, which we have pledged to do. 
  • Demand that our President rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement. 


Support Green Innovation:

  • Provide grant programs explicitly targeted towards carbon reduction technologies.
  • Enact tax credits that encourage climate-conscious construction and renovation. 
  • End government subsidies to fossil fuel companies.
  • Research the impact of advanced nuclear power plants to see if it can have a safe, environmentally considerate, material impact on accelerating our goals for a carbon-neutral future. 


Protect our People:

  • Expand federal data collection on clean air and water outcomes in order to target solutions for problem areas nationwide. 
  • Through federal incentives, encourage states to address cooling inequities.


Improve Transportation Outcomes:

  • Incentivize cities and states to expand their public transportation options and increase use. 
  • Promote a shift away from fossil fuel extraction within the U.S.
  • Find solutions that lead to a reduction in combustion engines on American roads, addressing both carbon output and air quality. 
  • Mandate no-fee inclusion of EV vehicles in High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lanes.


Protect and Expand our Natural Environment:

  • Reforest and restore public and private land, including wetlands.
  • Expand sustainable farming and soil practices by eliminating subsidies for monocrops8.
  • Create a national grant program for cities across the country to plant trees. 
  • Pass legislation that reduces wasteful packaging and product design. 
  • Roll back to an eventual ban the use of fracking and offshore drilling, which pollutes our air, poisons our drinking water, and causes near-constant earthquakes.