“Remember, remember always that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from immigrants and revolutionists.” These were words from FDR back in the 1930s, but the reminder could not be more appropriate today. When we lock our future generation in cages, separating them from their families, we’re not remembering our past; we’re disgracing it. 


The world has changed since FDR’s day. Our immigration system has not caught up. We’re long overdue for a change that brings us back to the moral, immigrant centered country we always have been. And as an immigration attorney, David knows exactly where we can improve. 


Our Goals

  • Abolish and replace ICE with an accountable, humane system. 
  • Expand and expedite the asylum-seeker track.
  • Systematic overhaul of the administrative process: fewer roadblocks and increased resources. 
  • Establish a Track to U.S. Citizenship program and make DACA permanent.
  • Automatically grant the option of full citizenship for any who serve in our armed forces.
  • Force the closure of border detention centers, and transition those currently being held. 



Our immigration system is stuck in the past. Inefficient administration has led to a system that makes “proper” immigration near impossible. There are family-sponsored immigrants receiving green cards this year from applications they filed in 1997 1. When it takes over 20 years to accept immigrants formally, no wonder this generation has sought its own alternatives. 


Our system, including its quotas, came from an era that no longer fits, yet we’ve trusted a modern and problematic group to enforce it. Anyone who claims “immigration happened differently in my day” is correct: they didn’t have to deal with ICE, which began in the early 2000s as part of the reaction to the war on terror, and is an experiment that has failed beyond expectation2


How We Plan to Do It


Overhaul our Immigration System:

  • Reduce the costs of immigration, as well as administrative roadblocks to naturalization.
  • Hire more immigration judges, bringing more efficiency to a process sorely lacking in it. 
  • Expand and expedite the asylum-seeking track and its evaluative criteria. 
  • Establish a Track to U.S. Citizenship for all undocumented people, primarily those with no major criminal background who have been faithfully paying taxes. 
  • Protect legal visa-holders from displacement via Executive Order. 
  • Automatically grant the option of full citizenship for any who serve in our armed forces.


Accept, Protect, and Transition our Undocumented Brothers & Sisters:

  • Enact DACA as federal law, removing it from the Executive Order playground. 
  • Increase protections and naturalization opportunities for all undocumented immigrants who were brought here as children, regardless of current age. 
  • Overturn the three- and ten-year re-entry bars, because families should not be separated. 


Abolish ICE and its Detention Centers:

  • Dismantle ICE’s failed experiment, and redistribute its necessary functions to the appropriate agencies, creating humane and responsible immigration enforcement. 
  • Close the detention centers at the Mexican border and transition those currently being held to appropriate housing, job training, or economic opportunity programs. 
  • Provide federal protections for sanctuary cities, and promote humane, productive collaboration between federal and city/state officials.