Voting Resources

Vote for David Kim!

David will be a representative who finally puts our Community First:

– 100% People Powered

– Pledged to take no Corporate/PAC money

– Compassionate, caring, and accessible to our district

There are 2 ways to vote:

1. Drop off your mail-in ballot at a Dropbox Location near you

2. Vote in-person at a Voting Center near you

* It is too late to send a mail-in ballot through the postal service now.
If you used a mail-in ballot, you’ll need to drop it off at a Dropbox Location before Tuesday, Nov. 3rd 8 PM

This guide should help with any voting related questions you may have. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us at and we will respond promptly!

  • If you are not registered to vote yet, then you can go to a Vote Center from Oct 24th – Nov. 3rd and register to vote & cast your ballot there.


Check your voter registration status here:


  • All registered voters in LA County who register before the Monday, Oct 19th, 2020 deadline should automatically receive a mail-in ballot. 
    • We strongly urge residents to vote using their mail-in ballot, since there were challenges during the March primary where in-person voting centers had very long lines and some residents didn’t even have the chance to vote.
    • If you are not yet registered to vote, then you will have to vote in-person (check the “Voting In-Person” section below)
  • Voting by Mail is safe. Many sources, including NPR and the Bipartisan Policy Group, have researched and determined that voting by mail is just as safe as normal, in person voting. 
  • There are 2 OPTIONS on how to return your mail-in ballot:
    • Dropbox Locations: Drop off your ballot at any dropbox location before 8 PM Nov. 3rd
    • Vote Center: Drop off your ballot at any Vote Center before 8 PM Nov. 3rd
  • Before you return your mail-in ballot, make sure to:
    • Place your voted ballot card(s) inside the Official Return Envelope
    • Securely seal the Official Return Envelope
    • Sign and date the back of the Official Return Envelope
      • What if you forgot to sign the envelope on your ballot? You have up to eight days after election day to return an “unsigned ballot statement,” which you must sign. 


Track the status of your mail-in ballot:

Return your mail-in ballot as early as possible to make sure your vote is counted!


  • Early in-person voting is from Oct. 24th – Nov. 2nd (10 AM – 7 PM)
    • Some Vote Centers open on Saturday, Oct. 24th and others open up Friday, Oct. 30th.
    • The map below shows the centers opening on Sat, Oct. 24th (orange) and the centers opening on Fri, Oct. 30th (blue)



If you received a mail-in ballot, we strongly recommend using it to vote. During the March 3rd primary, some Vote Centers had lines that were hours long. Voting by mail is quick and you can ensure your voice is counted.

English Voter Protection Hotline: (800) 345-8683

Spanish / Español Voter Protection Hotline: (800) 232-8682

Korean / 한국어 Voter Protection Hotline: (866) 575-1558

Chinese / 中文 Voter Protection Hotline: (800) 339-2857

Hindi / हिन्दी Voter Protection Hotline: (888) 345-2692

Japanese / 日本語 Voter Protection Hotline: (800) 339-2865

Khmer / ខ្មែរ Voter Protection Hotline: (888) 345-4917

Tagalog Voter Protection Hotline: (800) 339-2957

Thai / ภาษาไทย Protection Hotline: (855) 345-3933

Vietnamese / Việt ngữ Protection Hotline: (800) 339-8163

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Monday, October 19th: If you have not registered to vote by this date, then you will have to vote in-person, NOT by mail
  • Saturday, Oct 24th – Monday, Nov 2nd: If you want to vote early in-person, Vote Centers will be open from 10 AM – 7 PM
  • Tuesday, November 3rd: Election Day!
    • If you’re dropping off your ballot at one of the dropbox locations, do so by 8 PM, Nov 3rd
    • If you’re voting in-person at a Vote Center, do so between 7 AM – 8 PM, Nov 3rd
If you are interested in checking the status of your ballot, then you can visit Mail times may also vary depending on location.

Yes! As long as your mail-in ballot has not been sent in, you can vote in-person, even if you already requested your ballot. If you have already completed and returned/mailed your ballot, you cannot vote in person.

Track the status of your mail-in ballot:

If you never received a mailed ballot application on time, you can still vote for David Kim in-person during early voting (October 24th – Nov 2nd) or on Election Day (Nov 3rd). You can find your vote center here:
To stay safe when voting in-person, we recommend wearing a mask, bringing your own pen to your polling site, and using hand sanitizer!
A “Pending” status on means that your application to vote by mail has been received by your local elections department and that they are processing your application. You ballot should be mailed to you shortly.
A “Not Returned” status on means that your local elections department has received your application to vote by mail and your ballot has been mailed to you. When your local elections department receives your completed ballot, this status will change to “Accepted.”

Have another question?


Find more information on voting on the LA County website.

Contact the David Kim campaign for help at