A Floor to Stand On Graphic

A Floor to Stand On

Our core, intersecting policy platform that will transform America.

Addressing Our Community’s Needs

Responding to our diverse community: 

  • Latino
  • AAPI
  • Housing
  • Religious
  • Disabled
  • Veterans

Citizen Powered Democracy

Changing our democracy to give everyone an equal voice. 

  • Ranked choice voting
  • Democracy dollars
  • Citizens United
  • End to Gerrymandering

Community Focused Health

Impacting public and social determinants of health:

  • Food & Nutrition access
  • Proximity to Gun Violence
  • Maternal Mortality
  • Family & Mental Health
  • Healthcare access

Developing a Human-Centered Economy

Promoting a social economy that supports our lives instead of the other way around:

  • Small Business
  • Workers/Labor Rights
  • Data Rights

Ensuring Safety and Justice

Making much-needed changes that promise equitable safety for our communities:

  • Police & Prison reform
  • School safety reform
  • Fighting Human Trafficking

Gender, Sex, and Sexual Identity Equality

Fighting for equality regardless of identity or orientation, especially in communities of color: 

  • Women 
  • Equal Pay
  • Addressing Disparities in Healthcare
  • Intersectionality as policy

Leading in Global Relationships

Using our status as a global power to lead the way for peaceful, humane agreements:

  • Foreign policy
  • Trade agreements
  • Human rights

Modernized Mobility and Infrastructure

Providing upward mobility through access to mobility, and improving our nation’s backbone so all can benefit:

  • Broadband access
  • Transportation
  • Infrastructure Cybersecurity

Saving our Climate from Ourselves

Protecting our communities from the harms of climate change and pollution:

  • Air and water pollution
  • Cooling access
  • Buildings & construction
  • Public lands & green space

Setting a Moral Example in Immigration

Fixing our broken system, and treating those who want to become American with dignity, respect, and fairness:

  • DACA
  • ICE
  • Fast Track to Citizenship
  • Overall system efficiency reform

Taking Care of Our Seniors

Treating our older population with the respect and gratitude they deserve: 

  • Social Security
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Protecting against forced retirement.

Twenty-First Century Education

Fostering empathy and communication, lowering cost barriers, and investing where it all starts: 

  • Universal Pre-K
  • College / Trade School
  • Student Loan Relief
  • Supporting Teachers
  • SEL Interpersonal Curricula
David's progressive views versus Representative Gomez's views
David's grassroots donors vs. Representative Gomez's corporate donors