A Floor to Stand On

Our core, intersecting policy platform that will transform America.

Addressing Our Community’s Needs

Responding to the needs of our Latino, AAPI, BIPOC, Religious, Disabled and Veteran communities.

Citizen Powered Democracy

Changing our democracy to give everyone an equal voice–and remove corporations from the equation.

Community Focused Health

Impacting public and social determinants of health, including food access, healthcare, and proximity to gun violence.

Developing a Human-Centered Economy

Protecting small businesses, ensuring social corporate responsibility, and securing data for humans, not algorithms.

Ensuring Safety and Justice

Making much-needed changes to our police and prison systems, while ensuring safety for communities and schools.

Gender, Sex, and Sexual Identity Equality

Fighting for Women and LGBTQIA+ communities, especially those of color.

Leading in Global Relationships

Leading the way for peaceful, humane foreign policy and trade agreements.

Modernized Mobility and Infrastructure

Providing upward mobility through access to mobility, via transportation and widespread internet access. 

Saving our Climate from Ourselves

Protecting our communities from the harms of climate change and pollution.

Setting a Moral Example in Immigration

Fixing our broken system, and treating those who want to become American with dignity, respect, and fairness.

Taking Care of Our Seniors

Working to end forced retirement and its harms, lowering drug costs, and protecting Social Security.

Twenty-First Century Education

Prioritizing teachers and students, fostering empathy and communication, and lowering cost barriers

David's progressive views versus Representative Gomez's views
David's grassroots donors vs. Representative Gomez's corporate donors