I know what it is to work multiple jobs, scraping together income, worrying what will happen if just one thing falls apart.

I know what it is to live in another’s home and wish for something so simple as a room of my own. To fear a health emergency because I can’t afford an ambulance. To hope for no surprises tomorrow, but have no love for today.

I know what it is to fear change and want more, but do nothing because the change I need could lead to me losing everything.  

I know what it is to rely on others for income, housing, debt, forgiveness, permission to live, and wondering if I’ll ever have control of my own life. Maybe you know that feeling too. 

None of us should feel like the floor can be ripped out from under us.

All of us should be able to pursue our dreams and truly live the one life we’ve been given. 


All of us deserve a floor to stand on.


Today, we recognize that every challenge is interconnected, every consequence intersectional. We cannot rely on minor bills with minimal impact. If we’re going to change everything for the better, we need to introduce new ideas that change everything. Instead of a hundred little fixes, I will get us solutions that impact and intersect with everything we want to improve. 

If elected to Congress, I ensure none of us ever have to face the perils of one bad day leaving us with nothing, or one bad year throwing us into a hole we can’t climb out of. 

Here is how I propose to give us all a floor to stand on:


Universal Basic Income:

$1,000 a month for every American adult would allow us to weather emergencies, save for goals, and pursue jobs that don’t force us to sacrifice dignity or desires only to survive. It’s not a new theory, or even a radical one. Countries around the world are beginning to experiment with UBI. We should too. 


A Homes Guarantee:

I would push to enact this bill, which is currently in Congress. A Homes Guarantee would combine new social housing construction, providing a roof over the heads of those who need it most, with programs that will help tenants finally transition back to health and stability. It would enable more powerful renter protections and end the exploitation of land and vacancies by developers focused only on profit. Housing is a human right. Let’s act like it. 


Medicare for All:

Our current system is unsustainable. No one should have to make the decision whether or not to call an ambulance. No one should fear seeing a doctor because they can’t afford it. Each of us has one life, and we ought to value each other’s as much as we value our own. Before COVID, over 27 million Americans lacked health insurance, and now it’s only getting worse. With a single payer healthcare system, we can guarantee healthcare for every American


A Green New Deal:

We can create jobs and save our planet, all at once. This is not a pipe dream. The original New Deal helped our nation recover from a century-defining tragedy. A Green New Deal will do the same. By creating new jobs and programs focused on building new, clean infrastructure, we will prepare our country not only for a green future, but a new generation of economic equity and success. 


Responsive Representation:

As one of my first priorities in Congress, I will propose a bill that no elected official has a reason NOT to get behind. The voters deserve access to their elected representatives; I will pass a bill to ensure that. With mandatory town halls, and ensuring access and clear communication between officials and constituents, never again will an official only care about their people when Election Day comes. 


Campaign Finance by the People, for the People:

When an elected official receives most of their money from corporations, it’s hard to believe they will prioritize their people. The Constitution grants us, not corporations, the right to elected representation. We deserve better than divided attention. I will make sure Congress puts its focus back where it belongs


Immigration that Fulfills its Promise:

If someone is willing to sacrifice everything and leave their home behind in search of a better American future, we owe it to them to provide a reasonable, fair, and timely method to do so. We are supposed to be a moral leader to the world, and our immigration policy must reflect this, for future, present, and past. Everyone deserves a safe, inviting home. No one deserves to be kept running. 


We live in one of the world’s wealthiest nations. If it’s possible anywhere to prioritize human values in a real and meaningful way, it’s here. This can be the America we’re told about, where equal access and opportunity stretches past the limits of our dreams. Where life is valued, and not only do we say all life is equal, but we take action that proves it. 


Our country has been an example for the world before. Let’s do it again. 


Let’s build a floor to stand on. 


Let’s start today