Meet David



My name is David (full name: David Yung Ho Kim), and I’m an attorney (music, immigration), author and community activist here in Los Angeles (MacArthur Park Neighborhood Council General Board Member) and I am running for Congress in California’s 34th Congressional District against the current Congressman, a corporately funded, establishment Democrat. And as we are running an entirely grassroots campaign against this corporately funded incumbent, your donations and support are greatly appreciated! ❤️


I was born in Arizona, April 1984, shortly after my parents immigrated to the U.S. from Korea. And as there was no real need for my parents to learn English because they mostly communicated in Korean with each other, with us, and with members of their immigrant church community, I took care of any and all household tasks that required English in any way, be it talking on the phone with the gas company about charges that were made to the gas bill, disputing a late penalty fee that was posted to our phone bill or talking on my parents’ behalf at parent-teacher conferences. And it was at such a young age, that I began to talk on behalf of other people like my parents, advocate and voice other’s concerns and questions, and assume the role as in-between mediator, that I naturally became an attorney for the main part of my career. Getting there wasn’t an easy journey because of the financial hardships, domestic violence and racism that we experienced, but it was definitely a journey that I can look back at and be grateful for.


After having worked as an attorney in various practice areas of law, I’ve met and talked with thousands of people and clients. Some of my experience includes working in the Public Integrity Division of the LA County District Attorney’s Office on cases against corrupt public officials, litigating wage and hour claims on behalf of my clients in labor and employment litigation, negotiating or advising my clients with an entertainment contract-related deal when I owned my own entertainment law practice, serving as in-house counsel for entertainment companies, appearing in immigration court on behalf of my clients advocating for their stay and asylum here in America, fighting for injured clients with their workers’ compensation claims, and now serving as an elected neighborhood council board member for my physical community. With this background, I’ve learned two things:


  1. How hard the struggle of life can get
  2. What people’s suffering really looks like.


And we have an opportunity to change all of that.


We have masses of people hurting and suffering financially, working multiple jobs to barely make ends meet. We also have the opportunity and calling to address the harsh realities that we have neglected for so long in our country: a 30-year wage stagnation, the increasing income inequality tragedy, decreasing rates of unionization, lack of affordable housing, lack of affordable healthcare, lack of equal access to educational opportunities, the increasing financial bubble crisis of student debt and much more. And because we are Americans who live in the land of the free and the home of the brave, it is now time for us to reclaim our power; to be more courageous than ever before in standing up for our freedom and showing our love for ALL PEOPLE. It is time to recognize that race, color, background or socioeconomic status does not lessen the precious value of a soul.


Our people are tired, and they’re financially distressed. It’s time that we give all our people bootstraps to pull ourselves up with. Real bootstraps, not false promises like a social safety net that a majority of its intended recipients do not receive. We are saying NO to elected officials who pocket big checks from banks, corporations, Big Pharma, Big Oil and student debt collectors. And we are calling out the lip service we’ve been fed: where Universal Medicare is promised, but our Congressman is pocketing Big Pharma money. Where Tuition-Free Public College is preached, but our Congressman is receiving donations from debt collectors.


It’s time to be more vigilant and more aware of who we are actually electing into office. We can’t afford to re-elect an official whose interests and decision-making are tainted by corporate interests and money when masses of our people are suffering day after day.


That’s why I’m asking you to stand with me in fighting for the financial Freedom, Love and Justice of all Americans. If we stand together, we will restore the American Dream.


With much love,