Latino Community Platform

In our Congressional district, the Latinx community represents 66.5% of the population but only comprises 49.9% of registered voters. The concerns of the community have never been adequately addressed. With lawmakers’ consistent inaction, the Latinx community continues to face challenges driven by gentrification, racism, trade agreements, and more. It’s the responsibility of every representative, at every level, to stand for their constituents. All of their constituents.


Why We Need It

The Latinx community lacks representation, which prevents policymakers from addressing urgent issues. The affordable housing crisis has been exacerbated by the spread of high-end development, which disproportionately hurts the most vulnerable members of our community. With an average per capita income of $16,940 in the Los Angeles Latinx community, simply living paycheck to paycheck is no longer sustainable in areas where the average rent for a one bedroom apartment is over $1,800 per month, .

Achieving financial security is a challenge for everyone, but the burden is higher among portions of the Latinx community, especially for undocumented workers. They’re particularly at risk of seeing their hard-earned wages stolen from them by their employers. Our undocumented brothers and sistes are often forced to work in horrible conditions and subjected to verbal, mental, and emotional abuse by their employers because they’re seen to be easily terminable. 

Undocumented workers deserve the same protections as citizens. No soul’s value is lesser than another. Furthermore, undocumented workers pay billions of dollars in taxes. In California alone, these workers contributed over $180 billion to the state’s economy in 2017. We must advocate for and protect the livelihood of our Latino neighbors.


What We Are Fighting For

We are fighting for the rights, representation, and equitable treatment of the Latinx community.

We will work to:

  • Create a Universal Basic Income to empower everyone, including the Latinx community.
  • Pass S. 1919 (YIMBY Act), which removes exclusionary zoning policies. 
  • Enact a Homes Guarantee, which will protect tenants through a Renter’s Bill of Rights and the Right of Counsel.
  • Establish occupancy percentage minimums for low income community residents in new development projects.
  • Pass federal legislation establishing prosecutorial discretion in immigation proceedings to prevent disruptive and wasteful immigration-related prosecution.
  • Extend amnesty to qualifying Notice To Appear respondents and undocumented workers by creating an automatic U.S. Fast Track to Citizenship Program.
  • Create a pathway to citizenship for undocumented people.
  • Prioritize language justice to ensure that language is no barrier to connection, communication, or representation. 


What It Will Do

We’ll respond to the Latinx community’s priorities. From housing protection and a universal basic income to immigration reform and language justice, we’ll make change to empower our Latinx brothers and sisters.