End Partisan Gerrymandering

Partisan gerrymandering, which has been a concern in American democracy for generations, makes many individuals feel like their votes aren’t counted and that government just isn’t responsive to them. Both Republicans and Democrats have been responsible for drawing maps with the aim of locking in majorities, benefiting their members and, of course, protecting incumbents. This practice essentially undermines the foundation of our representative democracy. 

In order to remedy this structural problem, we must get command of our democracy back in the hands of the people. Our politicians and elected officials should actually reflect the determination of the electorate they represent. We must separate the politics from the drawing of district maps for voting purposes. Otherwise, we will keep having representative bodies which don’t mirror the populations they are representing but do advance an agenda that reflects a smaller and smaller percentage of the population. 

If elected, I will support: 

  • The use of independent redistricting commissions 
  • Utilization of the efficiency gap in order to gauge partisan gerrymandering when assessing and drawing district maps
  • The appointment of Supreme Court justices who back the use of sociological instruments such as the efficiency gap to aid in the dissolution of partisan gerrymandering